Security Blanket Gift Sets

Each of our security blanket gift sets includes two loveys, both a large and a small lovey that is baby-safe and practical for parents. Ultra-soft against sensitive skin, our plush baby blankets are comfortable and convenient for soothing babies. 

Each lovey is created with care, using BPA-free, non-toxic fabric, and components for your precious little one's safety. And, every order is attractively packaged for gifting in a modern, colourful box, making them the perfect gift for a baby shower. 

Our loveys have been carefully designed to coordinate with a themed nursery decor, either woodlands or farmyard, but they will also work well with any gender-neutral nursery theme.

The Poppy and Pip Farmyard Newborn Cuddle Blankie

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The Bonny & Bo Woodlands Bunny Newborn Cuddle Blankie

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